Industrial Training and Education:

Amazon Oil Services provides training for oil and gas / Petro chemical companies in eastern Canada, South America, North Africa & Middle East, and has partnered with leading learning institutions in Canada and the Middle East to create relevant and up-to-date courses and seminars.

With high focus on experiential learning, AOS’s training staff possess world-class industrial experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. AOS places high emphasis on hands-on learning. Our training programs provide students with individual work stations where students have access to modern software, combining virtual training with live lectures and individualized attention from training staff.

Designed to effectively answer clients’ training and educational needs and variable schedules, AOS courses span a variety of industrial, operational and management fields and are customizable, ranging from four weeks to nine months.

Course Areas:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Oil Movement
  • Process Engineering
  • Refinery Economics
  • Refinery Operation
  • Process Safety
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Civil Treatment
  • Civil Training
  • Virtual Operator Training
  • Maintenance Engineering
  • Corrosion Engineering
  • Refinery Laboratory Analysis
  • Plant Design and Economy

Our Partners:

Amazon Oil Services has partnered with many of the leading learning and training institutions across North American and the Middle East in order to offer progressive and innovative educational and training programs to students and organizations across the globe.