Responsible Waste Management

Management of waste products, especially management of hazardous waste material is a critical part of environmental responsibility. Establishing an effective waste management program is a critical step for any organization on the road to social and corporate environmental responsibility. Petro-Ex and SENES recognize the importance of complying with international regulation regarding waste management and have established procedures conducting audits of waste management and waste handling to evaluate environmental impacts of various waste disposal methods, including incineration, landfilling, and waste stabilization, in order to seek out methods that minimize environmental damage from operations.

Petro-Ex and SENES Consulting Group focus on air, water and soil criteria and limits in conducting risk analysis with special attention to exposure of humans to toxins and possible carcinogens, toxicity assessments, receptor characterization, exposure assessments and route of entry analysis. Assessment of these factors allows for construction of environmental models that identify health benchmarks and risk characterization which in turn allows planning for minimization and elimination of risk in the design and implementation phases.