Process safety

As part of our commitment to safety, Petro-Ex in association with SENES Consultants Ltd. has designed an extensive process safety program. This program emphasizes the thorough assessment and understanding of potential risks and/or threats to health and safety, and the design and placement of pre-emptive measures. As part of this program, we have designed a facility risk assessment schedule which looks at risk, probability and consequence assessment models, and works to counter these risks by setting up risk assessment teams, identifying potential hazardous events as well as associated hazards, and designing and implementing the appropriate counter-measures to prevent and reduce risk.

A second component of our environment, health and safety planning is to ensure adequate emergency management steps are in place. Emergency management is a continuously on-going process of assessing risk and auditing emergency response steps in order to identify gaps in the process, mend these gaps and familiarize employees with the safety procedures. Emergency response planning entails emergency evaluation, communication and assignment of roles and responsibilities in case of emergency, establishment f standard operating procedures, training, conducting drills and testing, allotting appropriate resources and record-keeping.

Petro-Ex and SENES emergency response and prevention planning covers a variety of the industry’s organizational concerns such as fire safety plans and spill risk assessment, prevention, response and clean-up.