Ecological Risk Assessment

Petro-Ex is committed to the highest standards of corporate social responsibility and global citizenship. Recognizing the critical and fragile state of our environment, Petro-Ex recognizes the absolute need for resolve and action, particularly for industry leaders, to protect the future state of our planet.

We work closely with our clients and partners to develop and implement ecological risk assessment surveys in order to understand our operating environments and develop conceptual models of these environments outlining variables such as the presiding food chains and transfer factors for movement of contaminants. Understanding of these models in turn assist us in the identification of the valued ecological components such as surface and groundwater which may serve as a source of drinking or irrigation water, and plant and animal species in the region.

Developing a through understanding of the fore-mentioned criteria is critical in the planning and design of ecologically safe procedures which take into consideration receptor characterizations, ecological toxicity assessments and identification of ecological benchmarks, exposure assessments and risk characterization. A thorough understanding of these factors allows us to construct environmental models taking into consideration various component of the niche in question which in turn allows us to control and reduce our environmental footprint.